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The UD Department was implementing the Scheme from 01-12-1997 till March 2009. The Govt. of NCT Delhi decided to implement the Scheme through Mission Convergence w.e.f. 01-04-2009 and funds were  released by UD Department to Mission Convergence. The details of the funds released to Mission Convergence UC submitted and balance funds available with Mission Convergence may be seen in that table given below:-

Physical and Financial Achievement of the scheme so far ....
S.noFYFunds Recd. From UD Dept. (in Rs.)Expenditure IncurredBalance inclusive of interest on unutilized amount and Misc. Income earned(carry forwarded to next FY)
1 2009-10 8905700(CSS Share) 2398067 6507633
2 2010-11 3800000(CSS Share) 7048145 3514140
3 2011-12 19168000(CSS Share) 12222727 12120847
4 2012-13 17500000(CSS Share) 23013561 65810721
    25000000(CSS Share)
    30000000(State Share)
5 2013-14 Nil 48792248  *(upto Nov,13)  
Physical Achievements under SJSRY(FY 2009-10 To 2011-12)
1 2009-10 116 3 group (30 members) 109
2 2010-11 137 0 274
3 2011-12 341 2 groups (10 members) 1433
4 2012-13 88 1 group(5 members) 8636
5 2013-14 (till Nov, 13) 53 0 11642 (includes ongoing training of 4785 beneficiaries)


The Mission Convergence has submitted UC of about Rs. 95 lacs (Rs. 23.89) lacs in 2010-11 and Rs. 71 lacs in 2011-12 and unspent balance of Rs. 2.24 crores from above released is with them. The UD Department also released 1.75 Crore for the current of year(12-13).

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